The Cardozo Electronic Law Bulletin

The Cardozo Institute

Member Editors:

Prof. Pier Giuseppe Monateri and Prof. Ugo Mattei


Institutional Editors: Prof. Antonio Gamabaro, Chairman Italian Association of Comparative Law; Prof. Roberto Toniatti, Dean of the Faculty of Law, University of Trento; Prof. Giovanni Pascuzzi, Professor of Comparative Private Law, Faculty of Law - University of Trento; Prof. Gianmaria Ajani, Professor of Comparative Law - University of Trento

Senior Student Editor: Andrea Rossato

Cardozo Lecturers:

Prof. Rodolfo Sacco, Prof. George Fletcher, Prof. Stefano Rodota',

Prof. Duncan Kennedy, Prof. Paolo Grossi; Prof. Laura Nader


Benjamin Nathan Cardozo

The Cardozo Electronic Law Bulletin is the first European Scholarly Electronic Law Journal. It is the official journal of the Cardozo Institue of Comparative Law, founded in Jerusalem, 1989 at Jaffa Gate.

It is presently based at the University of Trento, Faculty of Law, where the Cardozo Lectures in Law are held.

It is the aim of the Cardozo Institute to promote scholarly efforts in the domain of Comparative Law, trashing national categories to reach the common core of the working rules of the law.

The Cardozo Electronic Law Bulletin is a non discriminatory affermarive action law review. Contributions are therefore selected on pure scholarly bases, covering all subjects from legal anthropology to high-tec law.

The Cardozo Electronic Law Bulletin spreads informations related with the activities of the Italian Association of Comparative Law.

Non solicited files from world-wide contributors are welcome, as well as other bulletin informations.


"As a scholar it is my job to look in dark places and try to describe,

as precisely as I can, what I see."

- Dean G. Calabresi -


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