Filippo-Andrea Chiaves


Born  in Torino (Turin), Italy  on August 25, 1971   Sex: Male, unmarried   Nationality: Italian


Permanent address:  48, Corso Re Umberto    Phone  (+39) 011 599 708

                                10128  Torino      Italy       Fax      (+39) 011 580 6768  



Career Goals:

Career in a Turin- or Milan-based international law firm in Italy.

Academic career in the field of comparative law studies.


Spoken languages

Native language: Italian

Excellent English (bilingual) and French

Fair Spanish.



        Bar Exam passed on September 16, 1999.

        Law degree in 1996 and thesis in comparative law on authentic instruments, deeds and conveyance practices in different civil and common law legal systems). Final grade: 110/110.

        Four years of Law at the Law Faculty of Turin University.

        One semester of law courses + exams (both in French) at Lausanne University, Switzerland.



        November 1996 – September 1999 - Rossotto e Associati law firm, Turin- Milan and Rome-based (international business contracts, corporate law, labour law, law of advertising, family law, debt collection, court sessions and hearings, drafting of memorandums and complaints).

        July – October 1996 - Wolf, Horowitz, Rosenthal, Daly & Ray law offices in Boston, Massachusetts, USA - (construction contracts, sureties, liability).


Academic Career

  1999 – currently: Doctorate Scholarship in Comparative Law, University of Florence (Italy).

  1996 – present day: assistant of Pier Giuseppe Monateri, Professor of Comparative Law at Turin University (seminars, exams, student tutoring), Michele Graziadei, Professor of Anglo-American Law at Turin University (exams) and Ugo Mattei, Professor of Civil Law at Turin University (seminars).

  Commentaries of verdicts and decisions by the Court of Appeals of Turin for the Turin Junior Lawyers Association.

  Articles on the legal review “La Giurisprudenza Italiana”.


Other Relevant legal experiences:        (academic summers preferred to temporary work)

        July-August 1995: Intensive Spanish grammar and conversation course and diploma at Academia Mester in Salamanca, Spain.

        1993: Program of Instruction for Lawyers at Harvard Law School, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

        1991-1992: Two-year courses in journalism and public relations at the "C. Chiavazza" School of Journalism and Public Relations of Turin.

        1991: Summer work experience at Maurizio Giletti and Associates accounting firm in Turin.


Written works:

        R. ROSSOTTO,  La pubblicità comparativa, section dedicated to comparative advertising in legal systems other than Italy (ASSAP Editors, Milan, 1999).

        P.G. MONATERI – A. MUSY – F.A. CHIAVES, Contract Law. Italy for The International Encyclopaedia of Laws, Kluwer Law International, 1999.

        P.G. MONATERI et al., La responsabilità civile, section on agency liability (Utet Editors, Turin, 1998).

        R. ROSSOTTO,  L'opera pubblicitaria e il diritto d'autore: i nuovi orizzonti della comunicazione, chapter on advertising and copyright in the European Union and in the Unitred States and supervision of model contracts in advertising (ASSAP Editors, Milan, 1998).



 PC user knowledge, typing, bookkeeping;


February 1, 2000.