ADDRESS: 1169 Miller Avenue, Berkeley Ca. 94708 U.S.A.

Education, Honors and Awards, Employment, Visiting Appontments, Profesional Activities, Field Research in Comparative Law, Corses Taught, Accademic Reference in the USA,


1980, London School of Economics, Modern English Law Program. Certificate awarded with distinction and merit.
1982, Facult‚ Internationale de Droit Compar‚, Strasbourg, France. Diplome de deuxiŠme Cycle.
1983, Facolt… di Giurisprudenza, Universita di Torino, Laurea in Giurisprudenza.
1989, Boalt Hall School of Law, U.C. Berkeley, LL.M.

1983, Degree Dottore in Giurisprudenza awarded summa cum laude; ranked first in a class of over 1500.
Thesis on Comparative Environmental Law awarded "Dignita' di Stampa" (literaly "worthy of publication," an honor given to the best thesis by the Faculty of Law, University of Torino.
1984, "Duilio Miccoli Fellowship" by the Institute of Comparative Law "A.Sraffa", Universit… Bocconi,Milano.
"Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche" Fellowship, Roma.
1985, "L.Einaudi" Fellowship, Roma.
1986, "L.Einaudi" Fellowship regranted.
1987, "Fulbright" Fellowship.
1988, "Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche" Fellowship, Roma.
1989, "Consiglio Nazionale delle Recerche" Fellowship, Roma.
1992, Dining Privileges at Trinity College, Cambridge.
1993, "Fulbright Senior Fellowship".
1994, Associate Member, International Academy of Comparative Law.
1994, Order of The Coif.

1985-1986: Lecturer in Civil Law, Facoltà di Giurisprudenza, Universita' di Trento.
1987-1990: Assistant Professor of Comparative Law, Facoltà di Giurisprudenza, Universita' di Trento .
1990-1994: Professor of Comparative Law, University of Trento, Italy.
1994-1997: Professor of Civil Law, University of Trento, Italy.
1992-present: Professeur Regulier Faculte' Internationale Droit Compare', Strasbourg.
1997-present: Professor of Civil Law, University of Torino, Italy
1994-present: Alfred and Hanna Fromm Professor of International and Comparative Law, University of California, Hastings College of the Law.

1984-1985: Visiting Scholar, Civil Liability Associate, Yale Law School.
199O and 1992 (summer): Visiting Scholar University of Cambridge, England, Vacation Visitor (Wolfson College).
1993 (fall): Visiting Professor, University of California, Hastings  College of Law.
1993 (spring) Visiting Professor, University of California, Berkeley, International and Area Studies Program.
1995 (spring) : Visiting Professor, Scuola Specializzazione Diritto Scambi Transnazionali, Universita' di Torino.
 1995 and 1996  (January)  Visiting Professor, University of Montpellier, France.
 1995 (February) Visiting Fellow, Norwegian Academy of Science, Oslo.

Editorial Activities

1985-1987 : Member Board of Editors, Responsabilita' Civile e Previdenza. (Italian review on tort law)
1990-1995 : Member Board of Editors, Quadrimestre, Rivista Di Diritto Privato. (Italian review on general private law)
1995-present : Member Board of Directors, Rivista Critica Diritto Privato. (Italian review on general private law)
1990-present: Co-editor: “The Cardozo Lectures in Law” (See Cardozo Law Review, 1995)
1991-present : Member Board of Editors, The International Review of Law and Economics.
1994-present: Co-general editor “The Common Core of European Private Law Project”  see 2 European Review of Private Law, 485 (1995).
1995-present: Co-editor “Non Solo Occidente.Studies on Legal Pluralism”
1995-present: Co Editor in Chief “ The Cardozo Electronic Law Bullettin”
1997-present: Editor, The American Journal of Comparative Law.

Other professional activities

1991-present : Member of the Comparative Law and Economics Forum.
1994-present: Member Board of Directors, American Society of Comparative Law.
1990-1994: Faculty Delegate for the European Erasmus Exchange Program, University of Trento.
1996-present: Member Advisory Board The New Palgrave A Dictionary of Economics and the Law.
1996-present: Member of the Tecnical Committee for the Cooperation with the Law School of the University of Asmara, Eritrea.

1986: People's Republic of Congo, Research on Land Law funded by the Minister of Public Instruction. Université M. Nguabi Brazzaville.
1988: Israel, Research on the Codification process funded by Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche. Hebrew University, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv University.
1989: Republic of Somalia, Research on Land Law and panelist at the economy and development section of the International Conference of Somali Studies.
1990: Japan, Research on Patterns of Law funded by Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche. Tokyo University.
1993: Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan: Research on Law in Transition. Funded by Italian Ministry of Scientific Research.
1996: Eritrea: Legal studies in a developing country. Funded by University of Trento
1997: Russian Federation: Property law for market development. Funded by Soros Foundation.

General courses.
Property, Contracts, Torts, Comparative Law, Anglo-American Law, Introduction to African Law, Introduction to Post-Socialist Law at Trento.
Comparative Law, Law and Economics, Comparative Law and Economics, Legal Transplants at Hastings College of Law.
European Law Politics and Institutions at Berkeley.
Introduction to Law and Economics at  Montpellier
Introduction to Anglo-American Law, Property and Trust at Strasbourg
Anglo-American Law and Property at Torino.

Invited lectures, Faculty Workshops and other presentations:
Presentations have been delivered at a number of Universities including:
Columbia Law School; New York University Law School; University of California Berkeley School of Law; University of Illinois at Urbana School of Law; University of Paris 1 (Pantheon Sorbonne); University of Regensburg (Germany); University of Oslo (Norway); University of Budapest (Hungary); University of Uppsala (Sweden); State University of Moskow (Russia); Universities of Rome, Naples, Salerno, Genova, Palermo (Italy); University of Leuvain La Neuve (Belgium); Tilburg University (Holland).

Books, Articles and Chapters of Books in English , Articles in Italian Law Reviews, Articles In Encyclopedias, Case Notes and Other Short Pieces, Book Reviews, Translations and Other Editorial Activities, Book Reviews Received English Language Projects in Progress
1.TUTELA INIBITORIA E TUTELA RISARCITORIA, Milano, Giuffre' 1987, pages 420. (A comparison of property rules and liability rules to protect property rights in Italy and the U.S.A.)
2.STARE DECISIS, Milano, Guiffre' 1988, pages 360. (A discussion on the force of precedents in American Law with particular focus on the role of legal scholarship and of published materials in the working of the system.)
3.COMMON LAW, Torino, UTET, 1992, pages 450 a general view of Anglo-american law seen from the perspective of a civil lawyer. The book is included in the Treatise on Comparative Law Edited by Professor Rodolfo Sacco.
4.LA PROPRIETA' IMMOBILIARE, Torino, Giappichelli, 1993, pages 350. The Italian Law of Immovable Property in a Comparative Law and Economics perspective.
5. IL MODELLO DI COMMON LAW, Torino Giappichelli, 1996, pages 200, in SISTEMI GIURIDICI COMPARATI, Procida Mirabelli di Lauro (Ed). A short comparative discussion of the common law tradition.
6. COMPARATIVE LAW AND ECONOMICS, Ann Arbor, The University of Michigan Press, 1997.
7. INTRODUZIONE BREVE AL DIRITTO COMPARATO, (With P.G. Monateri), Padova, CEDAM 1997. A short Introduction to Comparative Law.

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19 Trust Law in The United States. U.S. Nationa Report at the Comparative Law Congress, Bristol 1998 ( forthcoming  Special Isue of American J. Comparative Law).

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1. book: PRINCIPLES OF WESTERN PROPERTY LAW. This book, co-authored with Professor James Gordley of Berkeley, is an attempt to discuss the land law of five different legal systems within a unitary problematic framework. It focuses on U.S., English, Italian, French and German Land Law. Each chapter will conatin comparative historical discussion followed by an attempt to find common principles.

2. general co-editorship: THE COMMON CORE OF EUROPEAN PRIVATE LAW.
This project involves leading legal scholars from each of the fifteen E.C. Member States to examine the three fields of Contract, Property, and Tort law. Its ambition is to follow the path of the Cornell Project on Formation of Contract opening its scope beyond contract law. On the other hand, the focus will be only on E.U. Member States in order to take full account of the European legislation. A first working seminar, with leading representative from Italy, France, Germany and the U.K., took place at the University of Trento for june 1994. After the selection of all the participants and the subdivision in three working groups (property, cotract, tort) the first and the second general meetings to discuss a draft questionnaires have been held again in Trento in July 1995 and July 1996. The thirs general meeting to discuss answers is scheduled for july 1997. A multi-volume book should be produced out of this. The scholarly ambition of this work is to carry a step foreward the path breaking methodological experience of the Cornell seminars by taking profit from thirty years of developments in comparative scholarhip.

3. THE WESTERN LEGAL TRADITION. A book with P.G. Monateri which sets together an abridged and adapted translation of my book COMMON LAW with a treatment of the civil law tradition.

4. Basic Principles of Property Law. A Contract was signed with the Soros Foundation in Budapest to produce this book that together with one by George Fletcher on Criminal Law will be translated in Russian and other eastern European languages and annotated with the law of those countries by local scholars.

The following American colleagues know my work and may be contacted to obtain written or oral evaluation of my standing as a scholar.
1. Professor Guido Calabresi, Yale Law School.
2. Professor James Gordley, U.C. Boalt Hall.
3. Professor Robert Cooter, U.C. Boalt Hall.
4. Professor Richard Buxbaum, Dean International and Area Studies Berkeley. Editor In Chief, The American Journal of Comparative Law..
5. Professor Rudolf B.Schlesinger, University of California, Hastings College of Law