Internet Resources useful for the Trento Common Core Project

1. The Cardozo Electronic Law Bulletin

The Department of Legal Sciences of the Faculty of Law (Trento University) has its own home page on the World Wide Web of Internet. The WWW is a hypermedia system that allows a reader to navigate on the net in a very easy and comfortable way. The system is based on the hypertext transfer protocol.

The Cardozo Electronic Law Bulletin is the name of our Home Page. It contains a law review, news from the academic life - such as visiting professors, meetings and conferences, and it is the basis for the Trento Common Core Project since it can be accessible very easily.

The URL to get to the Cardozo Electronic Law Bulletin is the following:
For any problem, suggestion and comments, you can mail to:


2. Mailing Lists

In order to create research groups whose member can communicate easily, we decided to set up four mailing lists, one for each main topic of the Project (Contract, Tort and Property) plus one for the general aspects of the Project.

The mailing list is a very simple way of communicating within a group of people. Instead of sending many messages for each member of the group, the mail can be sent to the address of the mailing list that will automatically resend the message to all the participants to the discussion. Every person on the Internet can subscribe the mailing list and thus receive the messages.

Each member of the three working groups will be subscribed to the chosen mailing list, plus to the general one. The messages scholarly interesting will be, with the authorization of the author, published on a special section of the Cardozo Electronic Law Bulletin, so that also the non-participating scholars will be allowed to subscribe the list and thus become active participants to the Project.

The E-mail addresses of the four mailing lists are the following:

For any additional information, and subscription to the mailing lists please mail your messages to:
Prof. Ugo Mattei: