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Giulio Ponzanelli

Professor of Law, Univ. of Brescia

The Non-Profit Sector in Italy


A black hole

between welfare pluralism and market failure



Various achievements and some failures in the Italian non-profit world

The first period of non-profit organizations (1865-1948).

The second period (1948-1984): institutional pluralism and art. 2 of the Italian Constitution

The third period (1984-1995) of non-profit corporations: the growth of new non-profit organizations, the boom of private associations and the discovery of the legal form of foundations







An analysis of the new era of non-profit corporations. Comparative aspects

The enlightening example of cultural foundations.

The ''non-profit world": different kinds of non-profit organizations.

The different cultures of the "non-profit" world: reform proposals of the Italian System.





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