General Lists of various Law Services

The Law List at Indiana University School of Law ( alternative site )



EINet Galaxy Law and Regulation List and Topical List
Yahoo - at Stanford University



Law - up to date generated list of WWW law sites - from CUI



"Law Related Sites on Internet" from the Universtity of Waikato, New Zealand



Global Network Academy Law Services List
"The Whole Internet Catalogue" Law Sources List.
See also Columbia University Law Library Catalogue.

Selected Law Sites

International Trade Law Materials
The Legal Information Institute at Cornell Law School - Home Page
Law Material Organised by Subject
Law Material Organised by Type or Source
Recent US Supreme Court Decisions
Indiana University Law School - Bloomingdale.
CTI Law Technology Centre at Warwick University
Multilaterals Project (Fletcher's) - Home Page
Trade and Commercial Relations
EINet Galaxy International Maritime & Commercial Law List
US Government Law and Politics
Washington & Lee University - Home Page
International Law

Commerce Related Material

Resources for Economists on the Internet Bill Goffe
RISKweb, FINweb & RISKweb's law pointers & Other
Economics, Investment and Tax information [ John Greiner's list ]
Finance Net Resources
Jerry's Economy Page
Commercial Services on the Web [ Henrey Houh's list]
Currency Conversion Tables (Weekly Update.)
The World Bank
The United States Department of Commerce
Up to date currently generated lists from CUI for "economics" and "commerce" 

Information of general interest

European Union Information.
ECHO (European Community Host Organisation) Database (telnet) 

Law Databases

Lovdata (telnet - connection use your log on name and password)
Lexis (telnet connection - use your password) Home Page
Some Norwegian Public Documents at the University of Oslo
Norske Lowwwer. Norwegian Laws - Including the Constitution (Cern, Switzerland)

Law Publishers


Selected Libraries

BIBSYS - Norwegian Libraries
US Library of Congress
Gopher servers related to law
Law Library of the Rutgers University School of Law
On-line Library Catalogues - from FSU
CARL telnet connection


On-line bookstore. telnet U.S. Mastercard and Visa
Internet Information list maintained by RISKweb 
Selected Law, Trade and Commerce Related Internet Sources Texts - mostly off the University of Michigan "Clearinghouse"
A long and valuable text: "The Legal List, Law-Related Resources on the Internet and Elsewhere" by E. J. Heels a.l.
"Law Lists, Lists related to law on the internet with instructions for subscribing to the". by Lyonette Louis-Jacques
A text on using Internet, for law researchers: "An Introduction to Using the Internet at Saint Louis University School of law" by J. Milles.
A List of Law Related Internet Resources by M. Jensen.
Web Journal of Current Legal Issues
An Internet Resource List for International Trade and World Commerce by S. Herro.
Business and Economics by T. Austin and K. Tsang.
"Resources for Economists on the Internet" by B. Goffe.

Extended Searches and Interests

Internet Resource Locators
General Interest Pointers
Commercial Services on the Web [ Henrey Houh's list]
The United States Department of Commerce