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Topical Organizations

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Material Organized Alphabetically by Source

ACLU Free Reading Room (gopher)
Advertising Law Internet Site
American Association of Law Libraries Information System-AALLNet
The American Bar Association
Advertising Law
Expertise in Advertising and Marketing Law 
Bankruptcy Creditor's Service, Inc.
Bankruptcy Law Links
Bayreuth JurWeb
Jurweb gopher server
Blackburg Electronic Village (Government and Law)
Bodleian Law Library
Butterworth Legal Publishers
CALI - Computer Aided Legal Instruction
CALI gopher
The California Criminal Law Observer's Page
Northern California Association of Law Libraries
Southern California Association of Law Libraries
Center for the Study of Constitutionalism in E. Europe
The Center for Corporate Law
CIC Legal Document collection
Comp-Pro Seminars, Inc.
State and Bar certified continuing education credits provider of seminars and conferences
Computers, Freedom & Privacy (CFP) Video Library
A video collection covering: privacy, government access to information, computing ethics, DNA and genetics, cryptography and encryption, civil liberties, constitutional law, law enforcement, hackers, surveillance, workplace issues, safeguards against government corruption, etc.
U.S. Constitution
The Consumer Law Page
Copyright Law - Usenet FAQ
U.S. Copyright Law
Criminal Law information for practitioners
Contains many government documents
The CTI Law Technology Centre
The CTI Law Technology Centre is the national centre for information technology applications in legal education for the UK. It acts as an information source, a resource pool and a consultancy provider.
US Cultural Protection Legislation
archive of policy texts related to historic preservation and cultural resource management
CyberLaw (tm) & CyberLex (tm)
An educational service focusing on legal issues concerning computer technology. 
DataLegal Publications
Da Vinci Design Company
Deutsch-Amerikanische Juristenvereinigung e.v.
(German-American Lawyers Association) (DE)
Disability Information
Drafts from the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws. 
Economics and Law
E-Law Home Page
contains past articles from the monthly Technology Law column published in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin. Home of "E-Law 3.0: Computer Information Systems Law and System Operator Liability." by David Loundy Contains links of interest to practicing attorneys, especially those interested in "Cyberspace Law."
Electronic Democracy Information Network (gopher)
Electronic Easement
Property Law and Trusts
Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)
See Laws Relating to the Net and Computer Use
EDGAR Dissemination Project - SEC Filings
EDGAR Development Site at NYU
EDIN - Economic Democracy Information Network (gopher)
for progressive activists and researchers...
Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals Published Opinions
In WordPerfect(tm) format 
Fenwick & West Electronic Papers
Multimedia Content and the Super Highway: Rapid Acceleration or Foot on the Brake? by Fred Greguras, Michael R. Egger, and Sandy J. Wong
Software Licensing Flexibility Complements the Digital Age by Fred M. Greguras and Sandy Jane Wong
Forensic Science Systems
The Foundation For Continuing Education
Foundation for Legal Knowledge Based Systems (Jurix)
This site is maintained by the (Dutch) Foundation for Legal Knowledge Based Systems (Juirx). It provides details about the participants in Jurix as well as publications, both in HTML and PostScript format, published by Jurix.
Franklin Pierce Law Center
Intellectual property (patent, trademark, copyright) resources 
GATT 1994
National Graffiti Information Network
Smash & Grab Robbery Prevention, Community Mobilization Graffiti Prevention and Control
Government, Political Science and Law at Rice University
Hale and Dorr Information Center
Perspectives on Hawaiian Sovereignty
Contains information on International Law as it applies to Hawaii
High Performance Computing and Communications (HPCC)
National Coordination Office for the HPCC
Human Rights Resources
U.S. Immigration for Canadian Businesses and Professionals
Information Law Alert
Focuses especially on wireless communications, intellectual property, and battles between the cable and telephone industries
The Information Law Web
Intellectual Property
a quarterly magazine about legal and policy issues in high-tech industries
Intellectual Property Law Primer
Inter-law's 'lectric Law Library
International Association of Constitutional Law
iway hyperdocs, ltd.
Judiciary Information Server
at Carnegie-Mellon University 
collection of legal (and some non-legal) WWW sites. Currently features the unreleased Department of Justice report on the Shootings at Ruby Ridge.
Law and Politics Book Review at Northwestern University
Law Firm Technology Incorporated
A technology consultancy specializing in law firms with the emphasis on the actual use of computer technology by the "lawyers".
Law of Electronic Commerce
Law Menu at Murdoch University, Australia - Law Menu
Educates clients and attorneys through timely information and services.
Law Lists
comprehensive guide to legal discussion lists on the Internet
LawTalk - Internet Radio Legal Shorts
Lawyers Cooperative Publishing
leading provider of analytical and practice information to the legal profession
LAIR - Legal Automation and Internet Review Newsletter
Legal Domain Network
a mailing list to usenet gateway for legal mailing lists
Legal Care for Your Software
Legal Care for Your SOFTWARE by Daniel Remer and Robert Dunaway - A Step-by-Step Legal Guide for Computer Software Writers, Programmers and Publishers
Legal Information Institute
at Cornell Law School
The Legal List
Internet Desk Reference, Law-Related Resources on the Internet and Elsewhere
Legal Research Meta-Index
Legal Studies at the University of Massachusetts
(pronounced legal dot net). For those who provide, regulate, support or are merely interested in knowing about legal services
Legi-slate Gopher
Federal Register Documents and all 103rd Congress bills and resolutions
Lender Liability
LERN - Online service of the Legal Research Network
LEXIS-NEXIS Communication Center
L.I.S.T. (Legal Industry Source Tablet)
This is a temporary site for documents relating to the Limited Liability Companies discussion list. 
MEDSTUFF is devoted to giving expert medical opinions on Medical-Legal matters to attorneys, both for the plaintiff and defense and to risk management professionals from hospitals, clinics and other health institutions.
WWW Multimedia Law
Multimedia Law Handbook
MultilateralConventions (Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy)
The National Center for Preventive Law
National Rifle Association
Contains some texts of bills, for example, the VIOLENT CRIME CONTROL AND LAW ENFORCEMENT ACT OF 1994
Legal e-zine
New England Light Pollution Advisory Group
NY Court of Appeals
1994 decisions
Nolo Press Self-Help Law Center
Nolo Press is dedicated to the simple proposition that the American legal system should be affordable and accessible to all.
North American Legal Research, Inc.
Court of Appeals of Ohio, Eighth District, County of Cuyahoga
Patent Search Service: U.S. Patents 1972-present
The Electronic Data Systems (EDS) Shadow Patent Office (SPO) offers on-line, easy-to-use, highly effective patentability and infringement searches against the full-text of the 1.7 million U.S. patents issued since January, 1972. The service is available via this selection or by sending e-mail to with the word "help" as the body of the message.
The Practicing Attorney's Home Page
for attorneys to access directly the resources likely to be needed on a daily basis
Present Value Economic Systems, Inc. (PVES)
PVES provides crucial documentation of future Loss of Wage Earning Capacity and future costs of Medical Needs (Life Care Plans) expressed in Present Value dollars.
Princeton Review - Guide to Law Schools
If you are interested in applying to Law School this is the place to start.
Includes Project Diana Human Rights Database
Pro Se
The independent law student newspaper at the University of Illinois College of Law
Public Administration (gopher)
Public Policy Network (PUBPOL) Archives
The Qui Tam Information Center
The Qui Tam Information Center is a site for attorneys and whistleblowers to gain information and help in pursuing qui tam actions under the Federal Civil False Claims Act. 
Richmond Law & Technology Association
PC based electronic patent management systems
Social Security Administration
The Tax Prophet
Collection of tax-related articles, newsletters, and more...
Taxing Times 1995
Federal and State income tax forms, instructions and various other useful information to ease your pain
Taxpayers Against Fraud, The False Claims Act Legal Center
Taxpayers Against Fraud, The False Claims Act Legal Center (TAF) has launched a web site which will serve as an educational resource for private citizens and attorneys who wish to report fraud against the federal government through the filing of lawsuits under the federal False Claims Act. TAF is a nonprofit, public interest organization and all information offered on its site is free of charge.
Contains some articles about Law and Technology
Internet Town Hall (
Includes U.S. Patent/Full Text APS Search and SEC EDGAR Documents
Law of Trade Secrets
International Trademark Classes from Master-McNeil.
Tromsø Trade Law Web
Uniform Code of Military Justice
Uniform Commercial Code
United Nations Justice Network (UNCJIN)
United Nations Development Program (UNDP) (gopher)
U.N. Resources
from Linkages International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD)
Guides to U.S. Government Resources
U.S. Government Information Servers
U.S. Government Resources from RML
GNN's Govt. & Politics page.
Federal Information Exchange, Inc. 
Vera Institute of Justice
Crime and Criminal Justice 
WANT publishing company
WANT publishing company offers court references relied on by attorneys, librarians, and all those interested in the US court system.
West Publishing Company
Wests Legal Directory
675,000 profiles of law firms and branch offices
World Health Organization
WHO gopher