born in Modena (Italy) on 23 November 1937.


After having graduated from the University of Modena (J.D.1962), John Hopkins University (1963) and the Faculté Internationale de Droit Comparé in Strasbourg (1963), he was admitted to the Italian Bar in 1965. He continued his studies at the New York University Law School (Naples program, 1971) and Academy of American and International Law, Dallas.


He is Professor of Comparative Law and of EC Law at the University of Turin, and was visiting Professor or lectured at the Universities of Ghent, Louvain, Warsaw, Cracow, Lublin, New York (Fordham University), Salzburg (McGeorge School of Law), Lyon, Dubrovnich, Istanbul and Harvard Law School.


Member of the International Academy of Comparative Law; International Bar Association; International League of Competition Law; American-Italian Law Association; Licensing Executives Society.






Chairman of the association "Conversazioni di diritto bancario Cesare Manfredi", Turin.


He is a partner of the Studio Pesce, Frignani, Pastore & Ruben, with offices in Milan, Turin, Vienna and Reggio Emilia.

Main publications:

1. L’injunction nella common law e l’inibitoria nel diritto italiano, Milan, 1974.

2. Il cash & carry nella teoria dell’impresa di commercio all’ingrosso, Milan, 1981.

3. Disciplina della concorrenza nella CE, 4th ed., Turin, 1996 (in cooperation with Waelbroeck; 2nd ed. in French, 1996).

4. Factoring, Leasing, Franchising, Venture Capital, Leveraged Buy-Out, Hardship Clause, Countertrade, Cash & Carry, Merchandising, Know-how, Securitization, 6th ed., Turin, 1996.

5. Il contratto internazionale, Padua, 1990.

6. Il diritto del commercio internazionale, 2nd. ed., Milan, 1991.

7. Il Franchising, Turin, 1990.

8. Co-editor and co-author of Diritto antitrust italiano, Bologna, 1993, 2 vols.

9. Italian Company Law, Kluwer, 1992 (in cooperation with Elia).

10. Chapter on Italy in M. Mendelsohn (editor) Franchising in Europe, London, 1992.


11. Sponsorizzazione, Merchandising, Pubblicità (in cooperation with others), Turin, 1993.