(30 ore)

The course of Legal Italian is for foreign students, who spend one or more semesters studying at the law faculty of the University of Trento. The goal of this course is to improve the students’ language skills, both oral and written, increasing their self-confidence and making them able to communicate independently.  The programme will be tailored to fit the needs of the students based on the content and rigor of the disciplinary courses in which they are currently enrolled.  The choice of subjects and materials from the disciplinary courses is intended to motivate the students to participate in the course, and therefore, encourage a greater understanding of legal Italian language.

In the course, the students will be presented with the characteristic aspects of various legal texts; they will also be presented with oral materials (in the form of videos, recordings of lessons, and documentaries on legal topics).  The course is structured in three intensive weeks: one will take place before the beginning of the law courses, which will concentrate on practicing and perfecting study techniques (summarizing techniques, note-taking, outlining used as a base for rewriting a legal text, and comprehension from oral to written and from oral to oral), keeping in mind the differences in communication particular to foreign students studying at a faculty of law in Italy; the second will take place mid-semester, in which the attention will focus on texts brought in by the students and on the analysis of errors, beginning with the language difficulties that students face while frequenting their disciplinary courses; the third will take place at the end of the semester, in which the instructor will work with students to help them prepare for final examinations.

Enrolment will take place through the secretary of CIAL, Monday trough Friday.
There is not participation fee for the first course.