Faculty of Law

ICT Days - Orizzonti 2015

Travel NEXT - The trip and the traveler between mobile and social networks link

Friday March 22
Aula Magna - Facoltà di Giurisprudenza - Via Rosmini, 27
In collaboration with BTO Educational


Robert PiattelliRoberta Milano
Mirko LalliMafe De Baggis
Gianluca DiegoliCarlo Vischi


To provide industry players with some tools for understanding the new landscape of travelers and the deep transformation affecting it, thanks (also) to new technologies and forms of communication (Many industry players may find themselves unprepared to face this fast changing world). 


Presenter and moderator: Roberta Milano, co- founder BTO Educational
Public and speaker facilitator: Robert Piattelli, co- founder BTO Educational

Introduction by Roberta Milano and Robert Piattelli

14.45 – 15.00
How traveling is changing. Its organization, experience and narrative 
Roberta Milano, co- founder BTO Educational
The fact that the structure of traveling is changing is obvious to all: “emotion, sharing, networking and socializing are rapidly changing the rules of the game in tourism marketing, transforming it into a different type of research”.Today, traveling is imbedded with mobiles, social networks, apps: they no longer are just "support tools", but rather the pivot around which the traveler builds his own experience - imagined, lived, told.

15.00 – 15.30
Social Networks: The Networks that are changing the rules
Mirko Lalli, Digital Media & Social Media strategist 
Social networks are now the constant companions to any tourist at all stages of the journey. This phenomenon has become a strongly progressing trend, which forces operators to rethink their marketing strategies in a "social oriented" direction. However, social networks represent also a huge business opportunity for all operators, small and large, through the specific procedures of "Social Media Engagement".

15.30 – 16.00
Storytravelling: narrative between tradition and innovation 
Mafe De Baggis, Creative & UX director - co-founder presso Pleens
Filippo Pretolani aka Gallizio, Founder, Gallizio Editore – co-founder presso Pleens
Journey is not simple transportation. It means experiencing the possibility of a different type of life. It is an encounter with another culture.  (…) Myth, attraction, curiosity: they all feed on stories”. Each tourist disassembles and recomposes his or her own travel story according to an extremely personal logic, while using commonly shared tools. From storytellers to Pinterest: the many languages of traveling.

16.00 – 16.30
Travel: Social networking & Images.  Best practices, case history, tricks & t(r)ips
Gianluca Diegoli, (Digital) Marketing Manager
Images are becoming the most important feature for transmitting information. A single photo is truly worth more than a thousand words: from storytelling to making reservations, images carry a tremendous value for tourism marketing.A very practical presentation on how to deliberately and effectively use images for promotion; open to all tourism operators in the region.16.30 – 17.00
The phenomenon of the ‘local contact’: not a guide, not a companion, but definitely influential
Mafe De Baggis, Creative & UX director - co-founder presso Pleens
It is a bottom up logic that affects tourism more than any other sector. The starting point in this industry is still the individual. We should keep in mind that the first tourists to any location are the local residents. Tourism is changing, replacing services with experience. The added value of information provided by local people is invaluable, because it offers the visitor extremely personal points of view on the destination.

17.00 – 17.30
For all tastes
Carlo Vischi, Director “30Gourmet” and “Immaginazione” di Malvarosa Editore at Trenta Editore and Malvarosa Editore
The gourmet tourist is changing as well: he expects a lifestyle based on good taste throughout the trip. Sensory stimulation is the key issue here. The importance of “taste” in the traveler’s experience has a strong impact on the choice of destination. In all this, again, the web has a key role.

Social Innovation Lab (LIS): Turismo
Orizzonti 2015
Innovation (Renovation): prospects, opportunities, events and projects for the region.
Moderator: Roberta Milano, BTO Educational
Q&A – Robert Piattelli

18.15 – 19.00
Experiencing “taste”, through lifestyle and the palate with Carlo Vischi, Cantine Vallorum for Vadum Caesaris 2011, bio wine and Italia Carni of Sighel family for some Carne Salada delicatessen.