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    How This Manual Is Organized
    Conventions in This Manual
    Additional RealSystem Resources
    Technical Support

1 Quick Start
    Starting RealServer
    Using RealSystem Administrator to Test Your RealServer
    Playing Sample Files
    Creating and Streaming Your Own On-Demand Clips
    Creating and Broadcasting Live Events

2 What's New in RealServer?
    New Features in RealServer version 7.0
    RealServer Version 6.0 Features
    Compatibility With Previous Releases

3 Overview
    What Is RealServer?
    What is RealSystem?
    How RealServer Works
    Streaming Delivery Methods
    Linking to RealSystem Content
    Working with Other Webcasting Professionals
    RealServer Features

4 Sources of Content
    Sources of Content
    Delivery Methods
    Creating an On-Demand Source with RealProducer Plus
    Creating a Live Source with RealProducer Plus
    Creating a Live Source with G2SLTA

5 Understanding Link Formats
    Parts of a Link
    Where to Put On-Demand Clips
    Where to Put Live Clips

6 Starting and Stopping RealServer
    License Information

7 Customizing RealServer Features
    Customizing RealServer Using RealSystem Administrator
    Configuration File
    Common Settings

8 Advanced Features
    Displaying Source Code for SMIL Files and Media Clips
    RealServer Caching Features
    Reserving IP Addresses for RealServer's Use
    Running Web Servers and RealServer on the Same System
    Features Specific to the Operating System

9 Firewalls and RealServer
    Protocols Used by RealServer
    Why Firewalls Can Affect the User Experience
    Communicating with Other Software-For Server Administrators
    Firewall Security Configurations-For Firewall Administrators

10 Streaming On-Demand Presentations
    Storing On-Demand Clips
    Streaming On-Demand Clips
    Working with SureStream Clips

11 Unicasting Live Presentations
    Unicasting Live Clips
    Archiving Live Broadcasts
    Setting Up Live Archiving

12 Splitting Live Presentations
    Splitting Methods
    Setting Up Both Types of Splitting
    Setting Up Push Splitting
    Setting Up Pull Splitting

13 Multicasting Live Presentations
    RealServer Multicasting Methods
    Additional Resources
    Setting Up Both Types of Multicasting
    Setting Up Back-Channel Multicasting
    Setting Up Scalable Multicasting

14 Limiting Access to RealServer
    Controlling Access to HTTP Streams
    Limiting Access by Number of Connections or Bandwidth
    Limiting Access by RealPlayer Version
    Limiting Access to Back-Channel Multicast Reception
    Limiting Access Via IP Address

15 Authenticating RealServer Users
    Authentication Components
    Encoder User Authentication
    RealSystem Administrator User Authentication
    Content User Authentication

16 Storing Authentication Data
    RealServer Data Storage
    Setting Up Other Types of Data Storage

17 ISP Hosting
    Users' Directory Structures
    Setting Up ISP Hosting

18 Monitoring RealServer Activity
    Java Monitor
    Using Windows NT Performance Monitor

19 Reporting
    Access Log
    Error Log
    Log File Rolling
    Cached Requests Log

20 Serving Ads
    How Ad Serving Works
    Setting Up the Ad Target HTML Page
    Configuring Ad Serving
    Overriding Mount Point Settings through SMIL
    Generating SMIL Files for Ads

21 Troubleshooting
    General Troubleshooting Steps
    Troubleshooting RealSystem Administrator
    Troubleshooting On-Demand Streaming
    Troubleshooting Live Unicasting
    Troubleshooting Live Archiving
    Troubleshooting G2SLTA
    Troubleshooting Splitting
    Troubleshooting Multicasting
    Troubleshooting Access Control
    Troubleshooting Authentication
    Troubleshooting Monitoring
    Troubleshooting Ad Streaming
    Troubleshooting SMIL File Issues
    Troubleshooting Other Issues
    Troubleshooting Problems in the Client
    Common Mistakes to Avoid
    Contacting RealNetworks Technical Support

A Summary of Link Formats
    On-Demand Content
    Live Content

B Configuration File Syntax
    Configuration File Components

C Configuration File Contents
    Editing the Configuration File
    RealSystem Administrator and the Configuration File
    Elements of the Configuration File
    Features Only Available Via Direct Editing

D Configuration File Equivalents